• False ceiling tiles led sky appearance
  • False ceiling tiles led sky appearance
  • Slab led lighting model sky
  • Roof before placing a false ceiling
  • Hanging suspended ceiling in slabs 60 x 120 cm
  • False ceiling tiles 60x 120 finished
  • False ceiling tiles 60x 120 finished
  • False ceiling in assembly of wooden slats
  • Hanging acoustic baffles
  • False ceiling tiles 60x 120 finished


Suspension of a light metal structure in which absorbent acoustic glass wool slabs with white veil or perforated white steel trays are integrated.


  • By far the best absorption of ambient noise: Highly improved working comfort
  • Immediate and easy access above the false ceiling: Installation and easy access to electrical and data wiring
  • Quick modification of the location of the lighting if necessary:
  • Low cost:
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False ceiling gyprok

False ceilings gyprok

The classic fixed false ceilings in classic Gyprok panels allow beautiful, clean, contemporary and often very aesthetic creations.

Their major disadvantage is the poor absorption of sound with obviously the fact aggravating that the current trend of fully glazed partitions amplifies the problem (maximum reverberation noise).

In addition any modification of the locations of the lighting modules requires invasive work and expensive (closing old locations, holes), coating, sanding and total repainting of the false ceiling)

We can logically only advise modular false ceilings or at least a fixed / modular combination.

Modular false ceiling

Composition of modular false ceilings:

A light structure of T-steel profiles are suspended from the concrete ceiling or roof; modules of standard dimensions (60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 30 x 120 cm, etc ...) are simply dropped or clipped side by side.
These modules are either perforated steel panels with rock wool or glass core (good acoustic absorption) or rock wool or compressed glass wool panels (very good sound absorption)

Advantages :

- Costs: Lowest considering the coatings, sanding gyprok fixed ceilings before painting and the cutters electricians work to place the lights.

- Acoustics: When you know the neighborhood stress in the open space between close colleagues on the phone or in discussion groups and the tensions (and drop in yield) caused, good acoustics is a soothing factor.
Better working comfort on an office open space, sounds are damped and partially absorbed

False modular ceiling in cafeteria