• Milieuvriendelijk en brandveilig akoestisch binnenmuurmembraan
  • Laying the membrane sandwiched between 2 gyprok plates
  • Laying the membrane sandwiched between 2 gyprok plates
  • Super compact rock wool core


The super acoustic partitions allow you to have some premises completely soundproof, the doors are no longer the weak point of this execution  with automatic acoustic baseboards at the closing.


  • Total confidentiality of certain meetings or conversations: up to 70 dB
  • Eco-friendly and fireproof internal wall acoustic membrane: Increased fire resistance as opposed to standard asphalt membranes
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Super acoustic removable partition

Removable super acoustic partition

The Home Eos membrane stapled on the simple 12 mm wood particle boards of our removable partitions reduces their acoustic insulation from 42 to almost 48 decibels.

Gyproc super acoustic partition

A standard MS100 Gyproc partition is composed of 2 12.5 mm plates per face on a 50 mm metal stud structure and a 40 mm rock wool insulation. It offers 48 decibel sound insulation and 60 minutes fire resistance.

The same partition but with 2 plates 12.5 mm per side (with sandwiching of the Home Eos membrane) on a 50 mm Metal Stud structure and equipped with a 40 mm rock wool insulation provides acoustic insulation of 52 decibels and a fire resistance of nearly 240 minutes.

By increasing the thickness of the partition (and rockwool) and the layers of Home Eos, it is possible to easily achieve values ​​of 60 decibels.

Natural and fireproof and acoustic membrane internal to the wall