• Double glazing with vertical dividing profiles
  • Photos stuck on solid walls
  • Double glazing with vertical dividing profiles
  • Photos stuck on solid walls
  • Double glazing with vertical partition profiles and full height glazed door
  • Double glazing with vertical dividing profiles
  • Single glazed edge to edge and logos
  • Box in the Box
  • Removable full color partition with hollow joints
  • Full partition with partial double glazing
  • Wardrobe and removable partition combination
  • Cabinets and removable partition detail
  • Single glazed edge to edge partition and glass door
  • Double glazed edge to edge partition and full height door
  • Placement translucent bands
  • Translucent strips on single glazed edge to edge
  • Single glazed edge to edge bubble
  • Total renovation starting point
  • Total renovation, partitions 1/3 glazed
  • Total renovation, false ceiling
  • Total renovation finished


A removable office partition is a removable partition allowing its partial or complete reassembly to another location (with the same height of ceiling).


  • Assembly time: 4 to 5 x faster
  • Cleanliness of the work: Little nuisance during assembly
  • Budget: Less cost of future transformations
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The panels (and / or glazing) component are integrated / clipped into a metal structure itself fixed by screwing in periphery walls, floors and ceilings. The color of this aluminum structure in stock is RAL 9010 white or anodised in a natural shade. The aluminum structure is also available in all other RAL colors. These panels are made of gypsum board pre-lined with paper / vinyl decorative or melamine wood particle board (different colors possible). The thickness of the removable partition is between 21 mm (single laminated glazing) and 100 mm (double glazing or solid panels).

Rock wool core provides acoustic and thermal insulation

Removable partition wall with acoustic insulation


A removable glass partition provides acoustic insulation from 34 to 43 decibels. In the case of a solid partition wall with a rockwool core, an acoustic insulation of 41 to 48 decibels (48 to 50 decibels with an additional viscoelastic sheet bonded to the inside of plasterboard or wood panels is obtained.


Different types of vertical junctions between panels are possible:

  • - Vertical batten of 26mm
  • - 1.5mm hollow seal
  • - Edge-to-edge panels

As for glazing:

  • Vertical batten of 26mm
  • Glazing edge to edge
Partition with edges to edges panels


A glass panel or full damaged is easily and quickly replaces without having to touch the neighboring panels.
A solid removable partition can be replaced by a semi-glazed partition or totally glazed, and vice versa. And this without affecting the peripheral structure and neighboring panels (saving time and money).

In summary, compared to the traditional plasterboard wallboard painted and for a slightly higher cost, the removable partition has the following advantages:

- Execution time 4 to 5 x faster
- No dust and little nuisance during assembly
- Flexibility, speed and cleanliness in case of changes later
- Lower cost of future transformations.