• Laminate floor
  • Replacement carpet tiles
  • Floor in carpet tiles
  • Combination parquet + carpet
  • PVC slats
  • PVC coating with skirting
  • Epoxy coating
  • Rounded skirting on epoxy floor
  • Rounded skirting on epoxy floor


The floor finish offers an infinite variety of solutions ranging from classic stone paving to epoxy painting, carpet slabs and PVC slatted slats, laminate or wood, glued wood floor, etc.


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Raised floor on platform

Raised floor

This type of floor is of course optimal in terms of the modularity of the workspaces, indeed, any modification of the office space simply requires moving the slab ad hoc with its 220 V and Data plugs (which is done by hand with a sucker).
Similarly moving a kitchen space is no longer a problem as the route of the current pipes under the false floor is easily changed.
In general, its slabs of compressed wood particles are encapsulated in a sheet of metal, a final surface coating removable tiles (adhesive "post it") carpet or vinyl ensures easy access to the false floor.
It is of course possible to keep the metal finish or slabs with laminated face for a more technical look.


We place all types of carpet, they offer the disadvantage of getting dirty faster than a smooth floor (vinyl, PVC, epoxy, smooth concrete) but are advantageous with a very good absorption and attenuation of noise.

Indeed, the current office spaces are more and more equipped with rgiven pride of place to the glass partitions allowing a maximum of light but amplifying the impact of noise catastrophically.


Carpet in
Replacement of carpet tiles

Carpet tiles

With carpet tiles simply laid with a "post-it" glue and therefore repositionable, replacement in case of heavy dirt (coffee, grease, ink, etc ...) is done in a jiffy.
It is possible to alternate and play with different shades of tiles to create a more dynamic and innovative floor.

The carpet tiles facilitate the total renewal of the flooring afterwards:

No total removal of furniture in the area, no carpet pulling, no pouring of equals as the soil is not damaged, the replacement of tiles is done as and when displacing and relocating, the furniture a meter or two.

PVC and vinyl tiles

Are placed in combination with carpet tiles, parquet or other coating to delimit a mess or restoration area that must be cleaned regularly and easily, also posed with glue type "post it" and therefore repositionable.

An incredible choice exists so far in floating or glued installation, PVC slats mimic the wood or stone in a totally realistic way and are placed by simple clipping between them.

No total removal of the furniture in the area, no carpet pulling, no casting of equal as the soil is not damaged, the replacement of slabs is done as and when the furniture moves a meter or two and then replace themselves.

PVC slats to snap
Epoxy floor with rounded plinth


The floor (concrete screed in general) is covered with a 2-component epoxy paint which hardening becomes extremely smooth and hard.
Associated with rounded plinths also treated, this floor is the easiest to maintain and is ideally suited to gray rooms, white rooms, hospitals, operating rooms, electronic assembly areas, etc.

Antistatic floor

This option concerns rather sensitive industrial areas (rooms, gray, white, electronic assemblies, etc ....) or static electricity phenomena are a real problem.

For raised floors, steel legs and metal-clad slabs are simply grounded.

For carpet, vinyl, PVC and epoxy flooring, extremely thin copper strips are bonded in a network on the floor before the flooring and connected to earth connections.

Floating floor and carpet combination


For more luxurious offices, it is of course possible to install a real wooden floor either floating or glued.
Keeping in mind that extremely realistic imitations with perfect illusion now exist on the market (laminate parquet, PVC, Vinyl)

Floor tile

They remain unavoidable for sanitary floors, showers and very humid places with intensive use.

Again, regardless of the unlimited choices available, extremely realistic wood imitations give a more luxurious and warm atmosphere to these places.