• Single glazed partition edge to edge
  • Mobile screens on feet
  • Office screens
  • Removable solid partition
  • Removable solid partition with glazing
  • Plain walls with integrated cabinets
  • Partition 1/3 full 2/3 double glazing
  • Meeting room
  • single glazed sash with double glass door
  • Single glazed panel
  • Double glazed edge to edge
  • Sliding mobile partition
  • Acoustic and visual half partition walls
  • Visual masking screens
  • Small acoustic screens on desk


Office partition is a light partition wall between workspaces.

It is imperative that its acoustic insulation is maximum (minimum 43 dB) and therefore to have a thickness of at least 80 mm, the partition is thus composed of plasterboard or wood particle board with rockwool core, all integrated into an aluminum structure.


  • Soundproofing: 43 to 56 dB
  • Very large glass walls possible: Maximizes natural light
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Removable solid partition with partial glazing

Removable office partition

The assembly and disassembly must be done in record time on office spaces often occupied and therefore with a minimum of nuisance; that is why we always recommend removable partitions with a removable structure whose covering panels are already covered of their paper or decorative, washable melamine coating.

Data lines, telephone, electrical, watersupply and evacuation are easily integrated trough gates between the vertical profiles, moreover its removable panels facilitate the installation of complementary lines later if necessary.

The removable office partition stops at the false ceiling (the space between ceiling and suspended ceiling in the partition is closed by an acoustic panel), this way allows any future changes on the same office shelf with recovery and reassembly of disassembled partitions (as the height under the false ceiling remains constant and this false ceiling is not to be modified).

The good removable office partition therefore has good acoustics and is easily mountable and removable in a minimum of time and nuisance.

Glazed partitions

For glazed partitions, the best acoustics are obtained by two single glazings (tempered, laminated, colored) of different thickness (5 to 8 mm to break two types of sound frequency) separated by + - 60 mm of air, each glazing face is clipped in place separately (no double monobloc glazing) which reduces the time and cost of replacement in case of breakage.

There are also single glazed or double glazed partitions without vertical profiles between glazed modules, in this case, the glazing is of course laminated or tempered and much thicker (10-12-14 mm), only a thin translucent PVC seal ensures the junction and acoustic closure between the different glazings, this type of configuration ensures optimum brightness and maximizes the feeling of space.


Double glazed partition edge to edge
Acoustic sliding partition with double door

The sliding partitions are fixed in a rail integrated in the false ceiling or on the concrete ceiling.

Once the panels are aligned (separation of a meeting room in 2 for example) a complex internal mechanism protrudes peripheral joints that compress the panels between floor, ceiling and walls for optimal sound insulation; it is of course possible to integrate doors to these panels.

These partitions can receive all types of coverings and even be glazed.

Acoustic wall screens

Acoustic wall screens (different heights) are used to isolate and optimize the work in open space where workstations are very close.

Their acoustic absorbent foam lining covered with fabrics significantly improves the working comfort. They move and combine with each other easily to fit any type of office space.

Acoustic and visual screens
Rotating security sas between heavy laminated glass

Security sas

Whatever the type of secure access (gate, double door, etc ...) we ensure the entire project single or double laminated windows of 10 and 12 mm (maximum thickness in our aluminum profiles).

Full height doors with laminated double glazing, electric lock, etc ...

Strong visual design for partitions and floors

Whatever your desktop partitioning, you must customize it in connection with your core business without forgetting the young and / or classic image that you want to highlight.

Whatever the support (wood, glass, brick, plaster, concrete) or even without support (stretched canvas), current techniques allow unlimited cladding at constantly decreasing prices.

A bright, colorful, inventive work place is a pleasure for all your employees and visitors as well as a sign of the dynamism of your company.

Working in a standard space and essentially based on the functional is not enough in our time to motivate and boost your employees.

We study with you any project from design to placement

Floor covering, partition and custom door