• Renovation of sanitary facilities
  • Renovation of sanitary facilities
  • Showers
  • Roestvrij handwas
  • HVAC equipment with hepa filters
  • Power and data station
  • Delivery of a container office inside
  • Delivery of a container office inside
  • Roller shutter and sliding window


Other interior fittings include sanitary, plumbing, heating, painting, wiring and electrical / data connections, air-co, and ALL interior fittings


  • all the work is grouped in a minimum of time: One global manager
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Acoustic baffles hanging from ceiling

Acoustic baffles

Their roles is to absorb ambient and near noises
In case of real acoustic problems in offices, large panels (rock wool or compressed glass) in an aluminum frame can be suspended from the fixed ceiling or clad to the walls.

Different shades are possible as well as the inclusion of spotlights.

These same acoustic baffles more rustic version are placed in industrial manufacturing areas or around machines.

Electricity and data

Our electrician (since 24 years) is a routine of office partitions and ceilings and intervenes in synchronization with our assemblers as and when mounting.

Electrical wiring and data
Imaged LED tiles 60 x 60 cm

Led lighting

The advantages are no longer to be demonstrated with a cost lower than conventional lighting, a consumption divided by 10, a lifespan of 30 to 50,000 hours, a wide range of brightness (cold white to warm orange and a range of colors), a 5 year warranty (for ABC MBS).


All work related to the installation of kitchens, showers or toilets in synchronization with our assemblers as and when mounting.

Modernization of sanitary spaces
Shower modules


Increasingly demanded in offices with the growth of alternative travel (bicycles, motorcycles, etc.)
Space saving possible with instant electric heating solution (no more boiler)


Fuel oil, gas, electric (infra-red or other), heat pump in synchronization with our assemblers as and when mounting.

Heating and boiler hot water
Heat pumps Daikin

Air-conditioning and heat pumps

We have been working with the same installer for 23 years and exclusively in DAIKIN which is undoubtedly one of the best brand on the market.


We carry out the small installations ourselves for our dust-free rooms (ISO 5 to ISO 8) and call on our specialized subcontractor for more advanced projects ISO 1 to ISO 4 class (clean rooms, operating theaters, electronic assemblies purposes)

HVAC equipment
Paint works


All types of interior paints until the renovation of old shades in classified houses