On November 28, 1994, Xavier Terlinden created ABC Movable Building Systems BVBA. A former director of Algeco Belgium (sale and rental of office containers), he started building and interior design modular workspaces. .

The adopted line is that the built spaces remain modifiable, removable, adaptable quickly with a minimum of nuisance for the staff in place. 

Our economies have become global and are constantly changing; having to adapt quickly has become vital for our businesses.

A working infrastructure that is valid today is probably no longer tomorrow.
ABC M.B.S is "formatted" to accompany all these potential structural changes with our customers.

ABC M.B.S. To date, there are dozens of workers, including 2 team leaders, who monitor and make routine purchases of their jobs.

For "high-tech" jobs like, electricity, data, access control, alarms, air conditioning, HVAC, raised floors or special flooring like epoxy, we have loyal partners with whom our workers work in symbiosis.

Everything is possible with us, whether it is weekend work or even night work if necessary.

In almost 23 years of business, we have never had an unsatisfied customer.

Early 2013 Antonio Roche joins the company as a partner; brilliant designer of plan 2 and 3 D, it is coupled with a very complete technical experience.
To this day (2017) ABC M.B.S. achieves about 1 million C.A. and our projects range from 5,000 to 200,000 € for customers with a staff of 5 to 60 people.

A team perfectly honed