• Set of half-height partitions
  • Mid-height partitions placed in accordion
  • Mid-height walls and acoustic screens on offices
  • Pieds fixes
  • Feet on wheels
  • Acoustic screens on desk


Mid-height partitions, dividing walls or acoustic screens on desks isolate workstations for better acoustic comfort; easy modularity and better privacy of workstations


  • Partial improvement of the privacy and acoustic comfort of workstations on a large office shelf: better concentration and profitability on his work
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Composition of the super acoustic partition

Composition of half-height partitions

Mid-height partitions can be used as visual masking (simple melamine panels) but also strongly absorb sounds thanks to a perforated wood fiber core, 2 x 15 mm polyester fiber and a fabric coating.

They can be moved with fixed feet or on wheels.

Their hinge-type interconnects make it possible to orient the half-height partitions in all possible angles.