• Acoustic sliding partition with double door
  • Acoustic sliding partition with single door
  • Acoustic sliding partition with single door
  • Acoustic sliding partition with single door
  • Acoustic sliding partition with single door


The sliding partition makes it possible to subdivide a room into two or three parts temporarily and acoustically (meeting room or classroom). This solution is optimal but expensive.


  • Arrange in an instant of 2 rooms instead of a large local and inversely: Maximum profitability of the work surface
  • Very soundproofing: From 43 to 60 db
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Steel rail integrated in the false ceiling

Steel rails in the ceiling

The steel rail is integrated in the false ceiling and fixed to the concrete or metal ceiling above by threaded rods (with an acoustic plug closing this space).
In case of solid ceiling (concrete, steel or wood houses), the rail is directly screwed on the ceiling.
At this rail are suspended independent panels. They slide on ball bearings that rotate on themselves. The panels are arranged face to face on one side or on both sides of the rail.

Sliding panels

The panels are always made in an aluminum frame. The thickness is between 80 and 120 mm. The sliding panels are available in a wide range of upholstery (painted, melamine, laminate) and can also be glazed and electrically automated.

Once deployed in a line, a special key protrudes a peripheral seal all around the panels and secures them together, which ensures perfect sound insulation (from 37 to 52 decibels depending on the version).

Sliding panels online


Example: 5 panels of 120 cm wide (sliding wall of 6 m) and which measure 80 mm thick take only 40 cm when placed against a wall (or 16 and 24 cm if they are distributed on 2 walls) .

Variations exist. Additional rails in the ceiling allow movement and storage of the panels in more distant and / or discrete caches.
In the same way, several sliding partitions can be combined with each other to offer an infinity of solutions.

Combination of 3 or 4 sliding partitions